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Free time is rare in these mother’s lives so wasting a free night on a date that ends in disaster is not an appealing option for many mothers.

Dating sites have made it easier to sift through the losers and avoid blind dates friends have set up.

Unsure where to start, Colleen reaches out to a few of her girl friends to arrange plans for Saturday night.

Attempt #1 is Colleen’s best gal pal from the office.

You don’t have to be afraid the relationship might go on for years aimlessly; if it’s not a good fit, both parties generally move on fairly quickly to the next match.

Behavior like “ghosting,” getting handsy, and sending pictures of one’s genitalia is reported back to the matchmaker, who would never make another match for the offending party again.

A mouthwatering meal one of the city's best restaurants? RELATED: The top 100 dining and drinking spots in San Antonio in 2017 Click through the gallery above to see the best — and worst — cities for singles in Texas.

While this might not be a first date question it is important that you are not a sugar momma to someone from the start.

We discuss love in a time of increasing political divisiveness, and what finding that special person is like in the Nation’s capital.

According to a study from Wallet Hub, the Alamo City as the 71st-best city for singles in the United States and not a great place for "romance and fun." Wallet Hub composed a list of the Best and Worst Cities for Singles, rating metro areas on a number of factors including affordability, romance and dating opportunities.

The working mother that has recently split up or divorced a significant other can have a hard time dating.

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Reading about present-day dating has an amazing way of making me exceedingly thankful to be married.

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